Presence Management Simplified.

Welcome people into your world with a smart, simple and secure visitor management system.

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Awesome Features

Sentinel is the best solution to optimize your visitor management process.

Awesome design

Easy to use mobile and web-based solution that simplifies the security screening process.

Easy to Customize

Adjust the application to suit your company style and edit fields you want filled out.

Cloud-Based Visitor Log

Cloud Based to give real-time data with an accurate count of guests, tenants, vehicles and parking spaces

Extreme Security

Provides a secure digital data store for visitor activity and personal data confidentiality.

Why Sentinel?

Sentinel combines security expertise with intuitive design to provide visitor management solutions that help keep your staff and facilities secure.

Process most visitors in 12 seconds or less.
Notify host of a visitor’s arrival via email or SMS.
Visitor traffic reports are available to plan resource allocation and measure facility utilization.

Discover Sentinel

Sentinel is much more than a quick way for guests to check-in — it notifies the host, collects documents, allows custom visitor types, reports on all data, and much more.

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We Support All Devices

Sentinel App is now available in Google Playstore and Apple store.