Frequently Asked Questions

Sentinel comes at an affordable subscription Model where the Clients pay a Pre-Paid Quarterly fee to access all features available. All upgrades, feature adds, data access, hardware upgrades are included in this Quarterly Fee. NO hidden or additional fee/charges.

The Sentinel team offers a trial period where the client has the opportunity to fully understand how the system integrates and works with their current systems. In addition to that, we will offer suggestions on how to enhance guest management process.

The Sentinel Team understands that no organization is the same, therefore we can customize the system to suit any additional security features that will enhance the overall Guest Management Experience ideal for your organization.

The Management/Administration team of the organization decides who can access the system based on their role in the organization. All Tenants of the registered facility can sign up using the mobile app and access the system at no extra cost.

Your information is stored in the secure cloud. Sentinel takes data privacy very seriously and is in compliance with all necessary regulations.

In the event of an evacuation, Sentinel sends you a text or app notification advising that there is an evacuation in effect.


Presence Management simplified.

Works on every device.

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